World Series Game 7 Tonight…Baseball Doesn’t Get More Exciting than THIS!

Even if you never watch baseball, tonight’s a night you might wanna tune in.


180 or so games throughout the year have come down to just this one.  The best-of-7 World Series between the SF Giants and KC Royals is tied at 3 games apiece…making tonight winner take all!

Of course I’m hoping the Giants come out on top.  Nothing against KC, in fact since Bo Jackson played there, they’re ok in my book, but my favorite baseball team is hands down los Gigantes de SF.

I’m also hoping Auburn Alumn Tim Hudson has a good outing tonight…he deserves it.  But I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Giants’ ace Madison Bumgarner (aka Mad Bum, aka Snot Rocket) come into the game early, even though he’s only had 3 days rest.  He’s simply been unstoppable this year.

If you’ve got nothing else going on, tune in and check it out and…

Let’s go Giants, LET’s GO!


Last night I was experiencing some serious sports overload…if there was such a thing.

Auburn started at 6:30 pm and the SF Giants started at 7:00 pm.  I ended up recording them and going back and forth, as to not miss any action on either side.

Although South Carolina and Auburn were tied much of the game, in the end Auburn prevailed! 42 -35.

And despite trailing the Kansas City Royals 4 – 1, the Giants came back to win 11 – 4!  (the best-of-7 series is now tied 2 – 2)

So with both my teams winning tough games…it was a good sports evening :)


Auburn vs South Carolina

Unless a loved one is dying, I’ll be tuned in to the Auburn vs South Carolina game this evening.  Well, even if someone is dying, what are the odds I could help?!  And given I live quite a few hours from most of my family, they probably wouldn’t even know if I stayed to finish the game first, before driving to their aid.  But I digress.

Auburn needs to win this game pretty solidly to, after the loss to now #1 Mississippi State, re-solidify the fact that we (yes we) are serious about being a National Championship contender.  The reality is that at least a couple one-loss teams are likely going to be in the 4-team playoff this year….so it might as well be Auburn!

War Eagle!!


Tim Hudson pitching tonight for SF Giants :)

In case you’re not aware, the World Series (of baseball) is happening.  The best-of-7 series is tied 1-1 between (my beloved) SF Giants and the Kansas City Royals.  Tonight is Game 3…and the starting pitcher for the Giants is my homeboy, Tim Hudson.

tim hudson pitching

Ok, let me clarify… Huddy, as they call him, has no idea we’re homeboys… but we have so much in common we’re homeboys by default.

8 things Tim Hudson and I have in Common

  1. We were both born in Columbus, Georgia
  2. We graduated high school and are ‘from’ (sweet home) Alabama
  3. We both went to Auburn University (maybe even at the same time) – War Eagle!
  4. Tim calls Peachtree City, Georgia home…I used to race BMX in Peachtree City
  5. Tim has pitched for the Atlanta Braves and the Oakland A’s…those are two of my fav non-Giant teams
  6. The SF Giants is our favorite baseball team
  7. We are both followers of Jesus…that’s cool
  8. We are both “old”…I’m ~ 1.5 years more ‘seasoned’ than he

See, it’s almost like we’re brothers from another mother.  Seriously, the fact that he went to Auburn, alone, makes me wanna pull for him.  Plus, he is a really nice, humble dude, which I love to see in an athlete.

I honestly didn’t know anything about Tim until he came to the SF Giants this year.  And just so happens I’ve followed baseball more this year than any other, so he became my favorite player right away early this year.  (Hunter Pence is a close 2nd as my fav.)

Cool historical fact, he’ll be the 3rd oldest pitcher to make his World Series Pitching debut.  In other words, he’s lucky to be getting there at his age.  Hudson has pitched quite a bit in the post-season (i.e. with the Braves), but his team has never made it to the World Series….till now!

Anyway, here’s hoping Tim Hudson AND the SF Giants do well tonight!!



Kimbo Slice vs Houston “You Have a Problem” Alexander: Fight Recap

Seeing as how I’m a big fan of MMA (mixed martials arts), and have become a fan of legendary Miami-based street fighter turned Professional

Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice

MMA Fighter – Kimbo Slice – I was glued to the TV last Saturday night to watch him make his first live UFC appearance against Houston “The Assassin” Alexander.

If you’re not up to speed with Kimbo and Houston, check out this pre-fight promo video:

Kimbo Slice vs Houston Alexander promo video

The Kimbo v Houston fight was set up to be a battle between brawlers, each armed with one-hit knockout power.  Sadly, the fight didn’t end up nearly as intense or entertaining as it should/could have been.

To say that I (and millions others) were disappointed with the performance (or lack thereof) of Houston Alexander is an understatement.  Houston spent practically ALL or round 1 and much of round 3 shuffling counter-clockwise around the ring.  Of course I can’t say what was going on in his head, but it sure seemed as if Houston was simply scared of Kimbo’s knockout power.

Kimbo was not as ferocious as I had hoped he would be either, but he seemed ready to fight and even egged Houston on in an effort to get him to stand toe-to-toe and scrap.  But Houston would have none of it which, you could easily tell, aggravated Slice.

I’ll summarize Kimbo’s unanimous victory this way: Kimbo looked much improved over his loss on The UFC’s Ultimate Fighter reality show, but he still has quite a bit of work to do.  Although his stand up (boxing) game is great and his ground game is now decent, he still has to learn how to do things like defend leg kicks… and throw leg kicks for that matter.  I also think he needs to mentally relax a bit and let his normal ferocity come

Houston's problem? Kimbo Slice

Houston's problem? Kimbo Slice

out more.

But for Kimbo to beat an MMA veteran like Houston Alexander certainly legitimizes his quest to become a legitimate MMA fighter.

Whether you love Kimbo or hate him, you gotta respect the guy for humbly recognizing his flaws and working as hard as possible to become the best he can.

Dr Clay