Ep64: Visualization…should you visualize Winning or Working?

In this episode of the Dr Clay Show, we are going to take a look at which type of visualization is best. Is it better to visualize your desired outcome (i.e. winning, having 6-pack abs) or should you visualize doing the work it will take to achieve that outcome?


Ep56: The Main Reason We Don’t Achieve Our Fitness Goals

In this episode of The Dr Clay Show I’m going to tell you the main reason why we fail to achieve our fitness goals – or any goal for that matter.


Happy 2011! from Dr Clay…phone blog style

Hey guys and gals, Dr Clay here with best wishes for an Awesome 2011!

If getting (back) in shape is one of your goals, then you’re in the right place, I’ve got lots of helpful things in the works for you.

Happy 2011 from Dr Clay!

But first, let me close this blog post (which is being done on my phone as a test) by encouraging you to take a close look at where you faltered in the past when it comes to getting in shape. More specifically, why did you falter or have problems?

Start to think about this in the back of your mind and jot down any ideas you have as to what may have held you back in the past.

Later I will show how to easily overcomes theses obstacles. Even though they may seem monstrous now, they¬† ain’t no big thang!

Your friend in fitness,
Dr Clay