New Study: Grapefruit Juice Reduces Weight Gain, Blood Sugar & Insulin

According to a new study, drinking grapefruit juice appears to help lower fasting blood glucose and insulin levels, both of which tend to be good things.grapefruit juice

The same study also showed that when subjects (mice in this case), drank grapefruit juice, they didn’t gain as much weight as the control group.

On one hand, this is cool stuff.  On the other hand, all of this occurred while the mice were on a high-fat diet designed to make them gain weight.  So it’s not necessarily that grapefruit juice will help you lose weight, but it may help you get fat more slowly – ha, but true.

And let’s also keep this study in perspective in that the subject were mice, and the study was financially supported by The California Grapefruit Growers Cooperative.  I’m not saying that affected the outcome, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Common Sense Look at What this Study Should Tell Us

Please don’t think grapefruit is the missing link to your fat loss woes….I assure you it’s not.

But this study does shine some light on how there are evidently some compounds (aka neutraceuticals) in grapefruit juice that have anti-glycemic (blood glucose lowering) effects.  To quote the authors – “…the fact remains that GFJ (grapefruit juice) contains a compound or compounds other than naringin with health-promoting properties.”  (FYI, naringin is a bioflavonoid found in grapefruit.)

In general, we should eat more foods made by God/Mother Nature and less foods made by man.  This study, yet again, illustrates this fact.

Your friend in fitness,

Dr Clay


Cardio vs Weights – trainer says “cut back on cardio”


Hi, I’m currently 5′ 9″ 150 pounds and 40% body fat (measured by dexa) – female.

I’m down 55 pounds (I was 205), eating well, doing weight training 2 times a week, pilates 1 time a week and cardio about 5 times a week.

I’m loving my results and feel really good.  My trainer thinks I should cut back on cardio,because the 2 days I train with her I do 1 hour easy cardio before and after our workouts. I find the cardio easy and enjoyable, and I’m getting results.

walking for fat loss

Can you do too much of this?!

It’s easier for me to get the cardio done the days I weight train.  I understand there are benefits to shorter, more intense cardio.  Why should i change what I’m doing?  I’m getting results, I’m getting stronger.  I figure I’ll change things up when I stop getting results.

What do you think?  ~  Jenn


I’m reminded of the old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Too often we humans ask the wrong questions.  For example, “what’s the best way to lose fat as quickly as possible?” is the wrong question to ask.  The reason it’s a bad question is because over 99% of people simply could not or would not actually do what it takes to lose fat as quickly as possible.

Your question, Jenn, is a very good one…and it’s the kind of question people should be asking.  It’s a good question because it takes into account what one enjoys doing and is willing to do.  It’s also good because it acknowledges that while a method may not be the single most efficient way, it obviously has merit if it is producing results.

Now let me tell ya what I think… ;) [Read more…]


Ep 65: Barefoot vs Shoe Running, which Burns MORE Calories?

In this episode of the Dr Clay Show I’ll tell ya about a new study which compares the caloric expenditure of running barefoot vs running in shoes.

I don’t want to spoil the ending, so I’ll just say one method does appear to burn more kcal than the other – and I’ll give you my theories as to why that is (one of which is rather out there I must admit).

Your friend in fitness,

Dr Clay


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What about a print/audio version of Set Your Metabolism on Fire?

People have asked about other forms of SYMOF being available, like a print book and audio book.

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Dr Clay


Wanna Boost your Metabolism & Burn more Fat? Drink Green Tea

Most people get the idea that green tea is “good for you.”  But most people don’t seem to realize just how effective green tea is for promoting fat loss.

While recently working on a fat loss project, I was reminded of just how potent green tea is in terms of boosting energy expenditure (metabolic rate) and promoting fat oxidation (fat burning).

Green Tea... it does a body good!

As I’m sipping on a cup of green tea now, it occurred to me that if green tea were a prescription drug, we would be begging our medical doctors to write us a ‘script for this wonder drug!  It’s sad, really, what a quick-fix society we have become.  But I digress…

Green tea isn’t a drug, but boy does it work like a charm!

Green Tea & Fat Burning

Here are some of the high points of a study (1) on green tea.

  1. increase in (or prolonged effect of) norepinephrine*
  2. increase in 24-hour energy expenditure of 4% (~ 40% boost in thermogenesis!)
  3. increase in fat oxidation (aka fat burning)
  4. no elevation of heart rate

This is incredible stuff!  I mean, just the fact that it boosts the number of calories you burn in a day by 4% is reason enough to drink  green tea.  It’s like green tea has negative calories… about − 100 calories!  If that doesn’t get you motivated to drink some green tea, then you may need to go to the doc to get your head checked.

For the record, the dose of EGCG (the most active component in green tea) used in the study was 90mg, consumed with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Personally, I always make a double-strength cup of green tea – using two tea bags – in order to get more EGCG and other beneficial compounds found in green tea.

Summary: unless your doc says you shouldn’t…drink green tea.  :)

Your friend in fitness,
Dr Clay

Misc Stuff

* norepinephrine – a potent fat-burning neurotransmitter/hormone; also called noradrenaline

1) Dulloo, et al.  Am J Clin Nutr 1999;70:1040–5

You should ALWAYS check with your doctor before taking any supplements, including drinking green tea.  Sadly, he or she probably doesn’t know any more than you do about such matters, but you should still ask…seriously.