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The Dr Clay Show is on the Attack and Jammin’ Back!

What would my web comeback be without bringing the Dr Clay Show back?  That’d be like peanut butter with no jelly…cereal with no milk…baseball with no beer.

your lovely and talented host

your lovely and talented host

Well my friend, we’re gonna get this party started soon.  In fact, I tinkered around with setting up the new gear together to make sure I don’t have any tech issues.

Due to the new set-up (i.e. chromebook and Canon Vixia…both replacing stuff that crapped out), there’s gonna be a slightly new format and even new feel to the show because…at least for the near future, new DCS episodes will NOT be edited!

  1. I don’t have the set-up to edit video
  2. this will save me time and enable me to do more shows
  3. it’ll probably be better anyway.  I tend to be a perfectionist, always wanting to ‘tinker’ with something to make it better.  Doing the show in one take and with no editing will force me to get over it so-to-speak.  Let’s face it, you don’t watch the DCS because of it’s high-quality video production, you watch it because of it’s lovely and talented host.  ;)
  4. consider it the reality TV version of the show

I’m going to the park today to do a lil test filming at a spot I scoped out the other day.

If/when I end up getting a new episode filmed and uploaded to my youtube channel, I’ll post it right here.



Ep 66: Patellar (knee) Bursitis – What is it? How do you fix it?

In this 66th episode of the Dr Clay Show, I answer a question from a family member about a common cause of knee swelling…patellar bursitis. Learn the details of what it is, how to treat it, and how to avoid it.

Your friend in fitness,

Dr Clay


Ep 65: Barefoot vs Shoe Running, which Burns MORE Calories?

In this episode of the Dr Clay Show I’ll tell ya about a new study which compares the caloric expenditure of running barefoot vs running in shoes.

I don’t want to spoil the ending, so I’ll just say one method does appear to burn more kcal than the other – and I’ll give you my theories as to why that is (one of which is rather out there I must admit).

Your friend in fitness,

Dr Clay


Dr Clay Show LIVE! (and unscripted/unrehearsed)

On a whim, I decided to do a live episode of the Dr Clay Show.

But let me forewarn you, it’s unscripted, unrehearsed…probably more of a blog video I suppose.

Regardless, I do manage to talk some UFC, Biggest Loser, and go over a couple new studies.  And I answer a couple questions, too.

If you guys dig this format, I’ll do more of these in the future – and I’ll try to announce it ahead of time, too ;)



Ep62: Uphill Walking…what type of Cardio is it?


Episode 62: What type of Cardio is Walking Uphill?

Walking at a moderate speed on level ground is Steady State Cardio (SSC).  More specifically, it’s Low Intensity, Steady State Cardio.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is obviously high intensity in nature, so high that it must be done in an on/off fashion (hence the term interval).

But what about cardio that’s really hard – certainly NOT low intensity – but that you can maintain for a while (thus not interval in nature)… like Walking up a STEEP Hill; what type of cardio is that?!

In this episode of the Dr Clay Show, I’m going to take you on an uphill walk with me as I explain what type of cardio uphill walking is.



  • Low-Intensity Cardio is Aerobic in nature (meaning it uses oxygen)
  • High-Intensity Cardio is Anaerobic (does not use oxygen)

Your friend in fitness,

Dr Clay


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