Medicine Ball Twists for Abs & Core: Video How-To

Just the other day, out of the blue, I came up with a new exercise.  Well, it’s actually a variation or improvement on an old exercise.

First I sat down in the floor with both feet on the ground and leaned back about 30 degrees.  Then I grabbed a 12 lb. medicine ball and rotated the ball from side to side, while trying to minimize the actual twisting of my spine. 

Keeping your chest or sternum up (back arched, not rounding forward) and minimizing the twisting of your spine is key to making this exercise safe (and more effective). 

After my training partner and I each did one set, we couldn’t believe how well it hit both the rectus abdominus (six-pack abs muscles) and the obliques (the muscles on the sides in the love handle area)!  It’s incredible!  Sometimes I surprise even myself with the nifty tricks and modifications:)

Enjoy the video.

PS – I’m not sure why it sounds like I’m talking in a can. I’ll try to fix that next time.