You Can Call it a Comeback

“Don’t call it a comeback…I’ve been here for years” rapped LL Cool J in his song Momma Said Knock You Out.  In my case, however, the term comeback is quite warranted…given that I took a break from pretty much everything for almost two years.

For now I won’t bore you with the details of my sabbatical; I’ll save that for whenever I get around to writing my autobiography.  But I will say that I’m excited to be back!

It’s kinda hard to believe that almost two full years passed since my last update here at  Given that amount of time away, I’m sure you unbookmarked this site, stopped checking in, and probably forgot about little ol me altogether…and I wouldn’t blame ya.

However, go ahead and (re)bookmark, add it to your favorites, tie a string around your finger, or whatever you wanna do to make it easy to swing by here regularly.  I’ll do my best to make it worth your while.

Till next time…Peace :)

LA Cool Clay


Ep67: the Problem with All or None Thinking and Comparing Yourself

In this episode I discuss how life is NOT all or none…meaning, just because you can’t do something perfectly, in an ALL OUT manner, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Likewise, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, including your former self, or what you used to be able to do. Simply do the best you can at this point in time…like I’m doing with BMX racing – as you’ll see I’m not very good, but I’m trying! ;)


Dr Clay’s Psycho Babble VLOG…your head is NOT a weapon, football players!

I’ve been meaning to resurrect my video blog…after all, I’ve got a LOT to talk about!  While watching the Alabama vs LSU football game tonight, my desire to (lovingly) rant pushed me over the edge.  Enjoy my Psycho Babble.


I’ll make this quick – I like some components of this (fairly new) look to, namely the ability to make neat little posts like status updates, that you can glance at and read quickly…like this one (if you’re reading this prior to the change, that is).

But I don’t like the fact that it looks….well….like a blog, as opposed to a website.  The more I think about it, if I were a new visitor here – or a veteran reader, for that matter – it’s probably hard to find stuff on here.  So within the next couple/few days, I’m going to redo it (yet again).  Stay tuned.  And as always, thanks for stopping by – mi casa es su casa.


My latest article was just published at T-Nation and is called “11 Principles of Bodybuilding Training.” It’s part 1 of the article, covering principles 1-5. Let me know what you think down below…and let me know if you have any questions…I’m glad to help.