Ep 65: Barefoot vs Shoe Running, which Burns MORE Calories?

In this episode of the Dr Clay Show I’ll tell ya about a new study which compares the caloric expenditure of running barefoot vs running in shoes.

I don’t want to spoil the ending, so I’ll just say one method does appear to burn more kcal than the other – and I’ll give you my theories as to why that is (one of which is rather out there I must admit).

Your friend in fitness,

Dr Clay

Dr Clay Show LIVE! (and unscripted/unrehearsed)

On a whim, I decided to do a live episode of the Dr Clay Show.

But let me forewarn you, it’s unscripted, unrehearsed…probably more of a blog video I suppose.

Regardless, I do manage to talk some UFC, Biggest Loser, and go over a couple new studies.  And I answer a couple questions, too.

If you guys dig this format, I’ll do more of these in the future – and I’ll try to announce it ahead of time, too ;)