The San Francisco Giants are 2014 World Series Champs!

2010, 2012, and now 2014 World Series Champs!

2010, 2012, and now 2014 World Series Champs!

And what a game 7 it was!  The final score ended up being 3-2…very fittingly a close one for what’s been a close, back-and-forth series.

Why I’m a SF Giants Fan

I became a passive Giants fan when I moved to the SF Bay Area in 2007.  After finally going to a game at AT & T Park, I began to really like the Giants.  Then, after watching the Giants clinch the 2010 World Series victory on a huge big screen in front of SF City Hall with ~ 10,000 other people, I became hooked on the Giants…an official fan.  (for the record, I sat much closer to the big screen than the pic below)

SF City Hall watching the Giants with 10,000 others.

SF City Hall watching the Giants with 10,000 others.

Then the Giants won the World Series (against Detroit) again in 2012, further solidifying my luv.

But this year’s win was something extra special for me.  For some reason, I really got into baseball this year more than I ever have.  While living in the Bay, I watched almost every Giants game, either on TV or in person.  Doing that, you can’t help but get attached to the team and the outcome.

Likewise, earlier this year I got to go watch pre-game batting practice live, right on the field!  That’s something not many people ever get to do, so I was stoked!  Meeting Hunter Pence was also a cool experience that day.  What a nice (and tall) dude that Hunter is.

So anyway…after being so invested in Giants baseball this year, it was so very cool to see them come out on top.  Especially considering they ended up barely making the playoffs as a wildcard team.

Yeah….I’m kinda stoked :)


World Series Game 7 Tonight…Baseball Doesn’t Get More Exciting than THIS!

Even if you never watch baseball, tonight’s a night you might wanna tune in.


180 or so games throughout the year have come down to just this one.  The best-of-7 World Series between the SF Giants and KC Royals is tied at 3 games apiece…making tonight winner take all!

Of course I’m hoping the Giants come out on top.  Nothing against KC, in fact since Bo Jackson played there, they’re ok in my book, but my favorite baseball team is hands down los Gigantes de SF.

I’m also hoping Auburn Alumn Tim Hudson has a good outing tonight…he deserves it.  But I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Giants’ ace Madison Bumgarner (aka Mad Bum, aka Snot Rocket) come into the game early, even though he’s only had 3 days rest.  He’s simply been unstoppable this year.

If you’ve got nothing else going on, tune in and check it out and…

Let’s go Giants, LET’s GO!


The Dr Clay Show is on the Attack and Jammin’ Back!

What would my web comeback be without bringing the Dr Clay Show back?  That’d be like peanut butter with no jelly…cereal with no milk…baseball with no beer.

your lovely and talented host

your lovely and talented host

Well my friend, we’re gonna get this party started soon.  In fact, I tinkered around with setting up the new gear together to make sure I don’t have any tech issues.

Due to the new set-up (i.e. chromebook and Canon Vixia…both replacing stuff that crapped out), there’s gonna be a slightly new format and even new feel to the show because…at least for the near future, new DCS episodes will NOT be edited!

  1. I don’t have the set-up to edit video
  2. this will save me time and enable me to do more shows
  3. it’ll probably be better anyway.  I tend to be a perfectionist, always wanting to ‘tinker’ with something to make it better.  Doing the show in one take and with no editing will force me to get over it so-to-speak.  Let’s face it, you don’t watch the DCS because of it’s high-quality video production, you watch it because of it’s lovely and talented host.  ;)
  4. consider it the reality TV version of the show

I’m going to the park today to do a lil test filming at a spot I scoped out the other day.

If/when I end up getting a new episode filmed and uploaded to my youtube channel, I’ll post it right here.



Last night I was experiencing some serious sports overload…if there was such a thing.

Auburn started at 6:30 pm and the SF Giants started at 7:00 pm.  I ended up recording them and going back and forth, as to not miss any action on either side.

Although South Carolina and Auburn were tied much of the game, in the end Auburn prevailed! 42 -35.

And despite trailing the Kansas City Royals 4 – 1, the Giants came back to win 11 – 4!  (the best-of-7 series is now tied 2 – 2)

So with both my teams winning tough games…it was a good sports evening :)


Auburn vs South Carolina

Unless a loved one is dying, I’ll be tuned in to the Auburn vs South Carolina game this evening.  Well, even if someone is dying, what are the odds I could help?!  And given I live quite a few hours from most of my family, they probably wouldn’t even know if I stayed to finish the game first, before driving to their aid.  But I digress.

Auburn needs to win this game pretty solidly to, after the loss to now #1 Mississippi State, re-solidify the fact that we (yes we) are serious about being a National Championship contender.  The reality is that at least a couple one-loss teams are likely going to be in the 4-team playoff this year….so it might as well be Auburn!

War Eagle!!