Dr Clay’s latest True Protein shipment & Flavor Test

Dr Clay's True Protein shipment
Fancy jugs? No. Great protein at a great price? Yes!

As you should already know about me, I only recommend stuff I use myself or would recommend to a family member or friend.

And as you can see by this snapshot of my latest shipment from True Protein, I damn sure use their stuff, just like I recommend.

So here’s a picture of my latest batch of protein that the UPS man just dropped off.  For the record, there are so many bags because I’m trying some new flavors.

I am yet to try them (they literally just arrived about 15 min ago), but here are the flavors I’m going to try:

CFM Whey Isolate

  • Grape (free flavor; double sucralose)
  • Berry (free flavor, double sucralose)
  • Pina Colada (free flavor, double sucralose)

Blended Protein

  • Java Mocha (premium)
  • Chocolate Mint (premium)
  • Chocolate Coconut (premium)

I’m also experimenting with a slightly tweaked version of my blended protein (a blend of slow and fast-acting proteins).

Instead of using this blended protein formula like I normally do, I decided to try:

  • 50% Whey Protein Isolate (CFM) Cross-Flow Microfiltration
  • 25% Micellar Casein (instantized)
  • 25% Complete Milk Dairy Isolate

I’m doing this because I find that I simply enjoy drinking the ‘thinner’ whey than the thicker casein-based proteins (casein, milk).  No scientific reason at all…just a flavor test – well, actually a texture or consistency test would be more accurate.

True Protein Video Tutorial

If you could use a little help ordering from trueprotein.com, check out this how to order from true protein video I made that walks you through the process.

Also, if/when you order from True Protein, make sure to use the discount code DrClay when you’re checking out.  It’s nothing major, but it typically pays for shipping (or most of it, at least).