Great New Cardio Article by Dr Lonnie Lowery

I love Dr Lonnie Lowery!  Wait, that sounds odd…I mean I love his no-nonsense approach to nutrition.  Plus the man practices what he preaches….he ain’t just a lab nerd, that’s for sure!  And that’s the kind of guy I will listen to – one who knows the science and who also has real-world experience to go with it.

Dr Lowery’s latest article – The Ultimate Cardio Solution: Disclosed – was recently published at T-Nation.

Not your average nerdy Doc
Not your average nerdy Doc

If you’ve ever wondered how a nutrition Ph.D./bodybuilder does cardio to get ready for a bodybuilding contest, you gotta read his article.

Funny thing is, this portion (at least) of Dr Lowery’s approach is essentially just like mine.  Did he copy me or did I copy him? Neither, silly – we independently derived similar methods because they are scientifically sound and hold up in the real world.

I’m telling you, all this nutrition and training stuff is actually really simple! You just have to listen to people who will shoot you straight and tell you the truth! And avoid those trying to sell you something by telling you what you wanna hear (i.e. Lose 20 pounds in 7 days without breaking a sweat!”)

That’s it for now.  Go check out Dr LL’s article.

Your friend in fitness,

Dr Clay