Dr Clay’s “Book of Bodybuilding Training Programs” is Now Available!

Ever get Paralysis by Analysis when laying out your own training program?

Do you suffer from Training ADD and jump around from one training program to another?

Archer pose by Dr Clay

No matter what your experience level, designing and sticking to your own training program can be tough.  I think it was Alwyn Cosgrove who says “He who coaches himself has an idiot for a client.”  I LOVE that saying, because it’s SO true!

I would love to design great, effective workouts for each and every person, but I don’t have the time…and many people can’t afford to pay for a customized training program.

In an effort to help more people, I’ve done something I thought I would never do…I’m making public over 20 of the best bodybuilding training programs I have ever designed. These are programs originally designed for one-on-one coaching clients (who paid a pretty penny for them).  Some of these clients were professional bodybuilders, others state/national level bodybuilders, others just ‘regular guys’ who want to look like a bodybuilder.

Client of Dr Clay, Desmond Miller, at the Arnold Classic.

Achieve your goals faster and with less effort!

If you happen to be familiar with me and my work (T-Nation, Muscle Media, etc), you know that I know bodybuilding inside and out.  I’m not one of these ‘experts’ who just writes and coaches but has never done it himself.

First and foremost I’m a bodybuilder (for over 20 years).  Secondarily I’m a coach…and I love  sharing my knowledge and experience with people like yourself, so that you can achieve your goals faster and with less effort than I did.

And that’s what The Book of Bodybuilding Training Programs is all about…helping you spend your gym time productively instead of wasting time on bogus, ineffective programs.  Why reinvent the wheel?  Instead, emulate what other successful people have done…it’s a LOT easier that way!

And it’s afforable! Instead of paying $150 for me to design a great training program, you’re getting each training program for less than $1.50! Can you say sweeeeet?!

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