A Fat Burning Supplement Dr Clay Recommends

“What Fat Burner do you recommend?” is, by FAR, the most common question I get asked.  From housewives to professional bodybuilders, everyone wants to know what supplement(s) help burn fat.

Although I understand, I don’t like the question.  Calling something a Fat Burner means that it….well…burns fat.  But the fact is, nothing makes your body just switch right over to burning fat – it isn’t quite that easy.  However, if your diet and training are causing fat loss, supplements like we’re talking about will help you burn more fat than you otherwise would.  But remember, pizza and fat burners don’t mix. ;)

A more accurate term for supplements like we’re talking about is thermogenic - meaning it increases heat production (and metabolism).  You’ve probably heard the term thermogenic at some point.

Since we tend to take these supplements pre-workout to give us increased energy and alertness while decreasing muscle fatigue, we also often call these supplements pre-workout supps or pre-workout stims (as in stimulants).  So I guess a more accurate title for this post would be…

A Fat-Burning, Thermogenic, Pre-Workout Supplement Dr Clay Recommends

Although I’m still a HUGE fan of Labrada’s Super Charge Xtreme, the newest thermogenic we (my clients and I) have been using is Burn, made by True Protein.  In addition to Burn being very affordable (less than $15 per bottle / 33 cents per dose), I also like that they list all the ingredients AND the amount of each ingredient.  Here are a few noteworthy points about burn.

Why Burn is Good:

  • Ingredients & Amounts are Listed (no ‘proprietary blend’ BS)
  • It’s Economical (11 cents per capsule)
  • Good dose of Caffeine (3 caps gives you 250mg; 2 caps 167mg – not too much, not too little)
  • Good dose of EGCG from Green Tea
  • Has Synephrine (which could be considered ephedrine’s little sister)
  • Contains Yohimbine (to potentiate the Caffeine & Synephrine)
  • Has Gugglesterones (which may help thyroid production)
  • Also has Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), choline, etc (which are basically ‘good’ for you)

About the only negative that I’ve come across regarding Burn is that seems to occasionally cause slight nausea; so far two of my clients have reported this.  But it doesn’t happen every time and it has only happened with two people, though I know far more using it.  I suspect it’s simply some ingredients irritating the stomach/intestines.  You may also get a slight burning feeling in your stomach from time to time.  This happens to me sometimes but it goes away in minutes.  I think it’s safe to say it’s the cayenne pepper that’s the culprit.

A quick word of caution: Burn is a serious thermogenic product that should only be used by healthy individuals for limited periods of time.  If you have high blood pressure (hypertension), thyroid problems, anxiety issues, etc… this probably isn’t the product for you.  (Read the manufacturer warning here.)

Do NOT abuse any thermogenic, fat-burning supplement.  I generally recommend taking a day or two off per week (at least), and only use a thermogenic for a few weeks at a time before taking some time off.

The key is to use supplements (especially stimulants), not abuse them.

Straight from the True Protein website, here are the ingredients:

Burn Ingredients

Capsules per bottle: 135
Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 45

Ingredients Per Serving (3 Capsules):
Synthetic Guggulsterones 99% Pure E&Z 20mg
Synephrine HCI 25mg
Yohimbine HCI 4mg
Caffeine 250mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg
Choline Bitartrate 100mg
Cayenne Pepper Extract 40,000 HUT 100mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine 100mg
Green Tea Extract >98% Polyphenols100mg
Vitamin B-5 20mg

Inactive Ingredients: Magnesium Sterate, Maltodextrin, Capsule (Gelatin).

Dr Clay’s Burn Rating

If I were to rate Burn as a thermogenic, fat burning, pre-workout energy supplement, I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.  It’s not quite perfect, but it’s damn good!  It’s certainly one of the best on the market.

All the best,

Dr Clay

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