Update on Dr Clay’s Time-released Protein Recommendation

In the video post called How-to Order my “Blended” Protein from TrueProtein.com I show you exactly how (and where) to order the exact protein that my clients and I most often use.

Well, I just ordered a new batch and wanted to update you on my recommendations since they have some new proteins.

The previous formula is still perfectly fine, but here’s my latest based on the new protein options True Protein now has.

Dr Clay’s Updated (Jan ’10) Blended Protein Formula

  • 30% Micellar Casein (Instantized)
  • 35% Whey Protein Isolate (CFM) Cross-Flow Microfiltration
  • 35% Complete Milk Dairy Isolate

Because they don’t come in fancy jugs with fancy (expensive) labels, at True Protein you’ll get the best protein available for what you’d normally pay for a crappy protein supplement.  But if you want an ever cheaper (but still good) version of the above, then go with this:

Dr Clay’s Economy Protein Blend Formula

  • 30% Micellar Casein (Instantized)
  • 35% Whey Protein Concentrate
  • 35% Milk Protein Isolate

Don’t forget your discount!

If you do order from True Protein, make sure to use the sweet little discount you get using the Discount Code “DrClay” when you’re checking out.

All the best,

Dr Clay

PS – here’s the link to TrueProtein.com