Upper Chest Building: Two “Secret Exercises”

As a bodybuilding, fitness and figure judge, I’ve noticed that the upper chest, a.k.a. the clavicular pectoralis, is the often the weakest, or most lagging body part on a competitor. A few years ago this was also a weak point in my physique. Although I could still use a little more upper pec depth, for the most part Ive corrected this disceancy.

Allow me to show you two little-known upper chest builders: Floor Presses and Hyght Flyes. These are two of the best upper chest building secrets around.

 1) Floor Presses- This exercise is one that I got from IFBB pro bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson, owner of one of the thickest upper chests in bodybuilding history. He credits this exercise as being instrumental in filling in hi upper chest. Many perform this exercise to target the triceps, but due to the path that the upper arm takes during hte movement, it is perfect for  the clavicular pectoralis (although it does hit the tricpes very well, too).

To do the exercise, simply perform a medium grip bench press while lying on the floor. Start with the weight on a set of hooks located near the bottom holes on a power rack. This will make the weight easy to grab while lying on the floor. Position your handds about 12-18 inches apart, depending on your size.

Bring the bar down toward your lower sternum until you can’t lower it anymore because your arms are on the ground. After pausing briefly, press the bar straight up over your shoulder joints or upper chest area. Squeeze for a count of two before lowering the weight.

2) Hyght Flyes- As you can tell by the name, I made this up. Although someone somwhere may have done this exercise, I have never seen it. So, a la Joe Weider, I’m going to name it after myself. My purpose for creating the exercise was to target the clavicular pectoralis with its most pure function, which is to fle (raise the arm up) and horizontally adduct (move toward the midline) the shoulder joint.

Begin by lying on your back on a bench inclined to about 60 degrees. After grabbing a light set of dumbbells. begin the movement with your arms hanging straight down and your palms facing forward. Initiate the movement by bringing your arms up and in across your body.

Think of forming a triangle with the path of the dumbbells, with the point of the triangle (the finished position) up over your nose. I have found it optimal to have the pinky side of the dumbbbells come together, forming a 90 degree angle. Make sure to perform the movement by pulling with your upper pecs, not the shoulder or biceps.

Incorporate Floor Presses and Hyght Flyes into your routine and you will be well on your way to improving your upper chest development.

Train hard, train smart and expect success!

Yours in Fitness,

Dr. Clay

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Upper Chest Building: Two “Secret Exercises”