5 New Strategies for Fat Loss – My Latest Article

My latest article was published at T-Nation last Friday. It’s titled 5 New Strategies for Fat Loss.

5 Fat Loss Tips article SS

If fat loss is a goal of yours, I humbly think you’ll dig the article. In it, I don’t cover the standard ‘eat less, exercise more’¬†type of tips. They’re actually rather unique.

Strategy #1, in particular, is rather unique and has been receiving lots of feedback. (Just as an insider tidbit, I’m planning to do a full article on this strategy.)

Ok, enough talking about the article…go check it out for yourself.

Your friend in fitness,

Dr Clay

Happy Sunday & Why No Site Updates Last Week

I really hope you’re having a happy, blessed Sunday.

Whether it’s on a Sunday or not, don’t forget to take a day of rest each week…both mental and physical rest. On that day, do something good for yourself like take a walk in nature, go sit by the ocean or a lake, read some spiritual and/or self-improvement literature, and/or spend time with a friend or loved one.

Some people, myself included, tend to feel guilty about having a day to ourselves and taking a break from ‘getting stuff done.’ But the reality is, your other six days will be much more productive if you do take a day of rest.

Moving on…

Just wanted to let you know why there haven’t been any new posts in a week or so. I’m happy to report I was back home visiting family in Sweet Home Alabama. I was fortunate enough to have a little over a week of quality time with them…and it was awesome! Especially considering I hadn’t been back home in well over a year. So much like I talk about taking a day of rest each week, I took that week off from writing, blogging, etc. I’m sure you understand. ¬†;)

Speaking of writing and blogging, I’m gonna run for now and get to work creating some new content for you.

Your friend in fitness,

Dr Clay