3 Foods Surprisingly Rich in Potassium

If I said “you need to eat more potassium,” I bet the first food that pops into your head is a banana.  Nothing wrong with that, bananas do have a substantial amount of potassium – about 420 mg per medium banana, to be specific.

For now, forget the banana, it gets enough attention already.

I wanna shine the spotlight on three oft-forgotten foods that provide a good amount of potassium:

chicken, potato, avocado...3 not-so-obvious sources of potassium

Chicken, Potato, Avocado…3 not-so-obvious sources of Potassium

Enter…Chicken Breast, White Potato, and Avocado

  • 4 oz cooked chicken breast has about 300 mg of potassium.

So not only is chicken breast a great source of low-fat protein, it’s also a good source of potassium…pretty cool.

  • 4 oz cooked white potato has over 600 mg of potassium.

Just so happens, chicken breast and white potatoes make a great, protein-and-carb-rich post-workout meal…one that’ll provide a hefty amount of potassium, too…extra cool.

  • 1/2 an Avocado has almost 500 mg of potassium.

If you’re familiar with my (nutrition) work, you know that I recommend having some low-carb meals that are rich in protein and healthy fat.  Sticking with chicken breast as our protein, you could opt for half of an avocado as your source of fat.  Not only would that provide you with a good dose of monounsaturated fatty acids, it’d also provide a nice dose of potassium…Flippin’ Sweet!

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Your friend in fitness,

Dr Clay


The San Francisco Giants are 2014 World Series Champs!

2010, 2012, and now 2014 World Series Champs!

2010, 2012, and now 2014 World Series Champs!

And what a game 7 it was!  The final score ended up being 3-2…very fittingly a close one for what’s been a close, back-and-forth series.

Why I’m a SF Giants Fan

I became a passive Giants fan when I moved to the SF Bay Area in 2007.  After finally going to a game at AT & T Park, I began to really like the Giants.  Then, after watching the Giants clinch the 2010 World Series victory on a huge big screen in front of SF City Hall with ~ 10,000 other people, I became hooked on the Giants…an official fan.  (for the record, I sat much closer to the big screen than the pic below)

SF City Hall watching the Giants with 10,000 others.

SF City Hall watching the Giants with 10,000 others.

Then the Giants won the World Series (against Detroit) again in 2012, further solidifying my luv.

But this year’s win was something extra special for me.  For some reason, I really got into baseball this year more than I ever have.  While living in the Bay, I watched almost every Giants game, either on TV or in person.  Doing that, you can’t help but get attached to the team and the outcome.

Likewise, earlier this year I got to go watch pre-game batting practice live, right on the field!  That’s something not many people ever get to do, so I was stoked!  Meeting Hunter Pence was also a cool experience that day.  What a nice (and tall) dude that Hunter is.

So anyway…after being so invested in Giants baseball this year, it was so very cool to see them come out on top.  Especially considering they ended up barely making the playoffs as a wildcard team.

Yeah….I’m kinda stoked :)


If You Could Only Take ONE Supplement, What Would it Be?


If you could only take ONE supplement, what would it be?


Man…that’s a tough one to answer!

I want more clarification.  Is it that I can only take one at a time?  If so, I’d rotate between a fatty acid (i.e. fish oil) supplement, a green’s type supplement, magnesium aspartate, vitamin D, and maybe even a multi-vitamin/mineral every once in a while.

If the question is one supplement only, forever, I’d just have to roll the dice between a fatty acid supplement and a green’s supplement.  But dang…then it’d be tough to get enough magnesium and vitamin D!

Oh well, good thing this is a hypothetical question.

Dr C


World Series Game 7 Tonight…Baseball Doesn’t Get More Exciting than THIS!

Even if you never watch baseball, tonight’s a night you might wanna tune in.


180 or so games throughout the year have come down to just this one.  The best-of-7 World Series between the SF Giants and KC Royals is tied at 3 games apiece…making tonight winner take all!

Of course I’m hoping the Giants come out on top.  Nothing against KC, in fact since Bo Jackson played there, they’re ok in my book, but my favorite baseball team is hands down los Gigantes de SF.

I’m also hoping Auburn Alumn Tim Hudson has a good outing tonight…he deserves it.  But I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Giants’ ace Madison Bumgarner (aka Mad Bum, aka Snot Rocket) come into the game early, even though he’s only had 3 days rest.  He’s simply been unstoppable this year.

If you’ve got nothing else going on, tune in and check it out and…

Let’s go Giants, LET’s GO!


4 Reasons You Should Eat More Veggies

If there’s one piece of nutrition advice that’s applicable to practically everyone, it’s “you should eat more vegetables.”

For more health, try eating more veggies.

For more health, try eating more veggies.

There are so many reasons why we benefit from eating vegetables…I’m going to highlight four today.

1. Veggies Help Prevent Hunger…with Few Calories

Vegetables tend to rather voluminous per Calorie.  In other words, they take up a lot of space in your stomach, which helps reduce hunger, while not providing all that many calories.  It’s the fiber and water content that’s primarily responsible here.  Speaking of the fiber, it also tends to slow the overall rate of digestion (i.e. gastric emptying), which is good as this, too, helps you feel full longer.

If you tend to get hungry between meals, try eating more veggies.

2. Eating Vegetables (and Fruits) Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Numerous studies have shown that consuming copious amounts of fruits and vegetables tends to reduce blood pressure in those with hypertension (aka high blood pressure).

Given our propensity toward salty diets and high-stress living, having high blood pressure is ridiculously common these days.  Problem is, hypertension often leads to kidney damage, aneurysms and strokes, artery disease, and so on.  Not good to say the least.

Safe to say…you’ll be doing your body’s health a favor by keeping your blood pressure within normal limits.  So do your arteriovenous system a favor and eat more veggies…and fruits, for that matter.

3. Veggies may Help Prevent Cancer

It’d be borderline impossible to prove definitely that eating lotsa veggies helps prevent different types of cancer, but it’s still a safe bet.  And for the record, some studies have shown a reduction in cancer risk among those who eat ample vegetables.

One thing we do know for sure, many vegetables do contain nutrients that we know to help protect us from certain types of cancers…like the glucosinolates in cruciferous veggies, like broccoli.

To help give your body the nutrients it needs to help fight off cancer, eat ample amounts of a variety of vegetables.

4. Vegetables tend to Promote Alkalinity…Reducing Acidity

The average diet these days tends to make us more acidic than we should be.  To help restore an optimal pH level, it’s important to eat foods that promote alkalinity.  That’s where vegetables come into play.

Even lean meat and whole grains tend to promote acidity, thus, we’re somewhat reliant on vegetables to help restore an optimal, more neutral pH.  So make sure to eat plenty of veggies…spinach, broccoli, and kale, for example, are quite neutralizing.

Although we’re gonna stop at four, there are slews of reasons to eat more vegetables.  But they could all be summarized by saying “eating a variety of vegetables helps provide a variety of nutrients that will help your body function optimally.” 

Your friend in fitness,

Dr Clay