Double Stimulation Training – Great Article by Christian Thibaudeau

The article I wanna point you to today is one by Christian Thibaudeau of T-Nation fame. The article is called Double Stimulation Training.

If you’re interested in bringing up a weak body part, you should definitely read the article. But I’ll give you a down-and-dirty overview.

The basic idea is to train a body part hard, and with primarily with the basic, fundamental movements one day…then on the following day train it lightly, focusing on getting a good pump. The goal of this double stimulation training is to ramp up protein synthesis (building new muscle tissue), ultimately resulting in more strength and hypertrophy.

I haven’t implemented double stimulation training exactly as Thib lays it out in the article, but I’ve used similar methods with great results.

Enough of my input…go check out the article.

Your friend in fitness,

Dr Clay

New Form of HMB Looks Promising – HMB Free Acid

A relatively new form of HMB (HMB Free Acid) has been shown to be quite a bit better than the original, old school HMB supplements (Calcium HMB). So if you tried an HMB supplement in the past but were disappointed with the results, maybe it’s worth giving it another shot. (My two cents worth on that is down below.)


HMB Overview

HMB, which is the acronym for β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate, is a derivative of the branched chain amino acid (BCAA) leucine.

As a supplement, it’s been shown to be fairly effective for preventing muscle breakdown. In other words, it’s anti-catabolic. So it’s best used in periods where you’re really hitting it hard and run the risk of overtraining.

So if you’re just playin’ around with the pink and purple dumbbells two or three times per week, HMB ain’t gonna do anything for ya.

Old vs New HMB

When HMB supplements first hit the scene, they were in the form of Calcium HMB (Ca-HMB), which is [Continue reading]